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An Artist's Tale

Native Refined is more than a brand; it's an exploration of authenticity, a dance with the raw and the refined, an echo of timeless heritage. It is the canvas where my creative spirit, native roots, and undying love for craftsmanship converge.

This desire sparked the creation of Native Refined, a passion project that has turned into a heartfelt business. It's here that I channel my love for the earth's textures and the echoes of my heritage. From the whispers of rattlesnake skin to the soft caress of fox fur, from the charm of vintage playing cards to the sophistication of upcycled luxury bags, every piece is a fragment of my journey, my homage to slow living.

Each piece that emerges from the Native Refined workshop is a symphony of culture and heritage, breathing life into premium leather goods and unique artifacts. Each is one-of-a-kind, designed to not only adorn you but to resonate with your soul, making you a part of this journey.

Native Refined is not merely an artistic endeavor; it's a voyage. It's my invitation to you to explore a world where the traditional and the unconventional merge, where each piece tells a story. Feel the textures, discover the intricacies, find the piece that calls to your spirit. Experience the magic that unfolds when a bit of hippie meets native roots, all wrapped in a whole lot of soul.

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With a heart full of creativity and gratitude, 

Kimber Cline, Artsist & Founder